Fee required to reserve
bike and register.
HYDRORIDER in Water Spinning...Exclusively
offered by Aquatics Is, Inc at
Ashbridge Manor,
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
                    WHAT IS A HYDRORIDER?

The Hydrorider is a user-friendly bike, and is perfect for any population of participant
or skill level has been created to satisfy the increasing demand for activities in water.
Its multipurpose  use makes of it a unique piece of equipment. It features the
attraction to: group exercise,physical therapy, rehabilitation, personal training and
athletic training. With special populations it can be utilized for people with limitations
due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, previous injury, obesity or those who are
de-conditioned. It works well with the conditioned as well as the de-conditioned
population. It is suitable for medical and fitness facilities.

What is the advantage of cycling in the aquatic environment?

The strongest advantage is the water property of buoyancy  which provides stress
free training for the joints and low back. Results are less back and knee injuries.
Training in water also allows training at a greater level of intensity due to the cooling
effect and recovery at a faster rate. The constant water massage provides a
comfortable means to training in the environment of an indoor aquatic facility as well
as the pure excitement of  an aquatic group exercise experience...

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                AQUA SPINNING TIPS!

Please review the following so you are prepared and ready to ride!!

  • Aquatic fitness shoes are required. This can be a sneaker type shoe or a slip on water  shoe commonly sold at most stores.
  • Recommend nylon or spandex type bike shorts. (not cotton)  Padding not necessary.
  • Sports tops and shorts or bathing suit with or without shorts are all fine.
  • Boxer swim shorts are fine for men.
  • Please come to first class 15 minutes early to complete necessary forms or download registration form and bring to the first class.
  • You are welcome to bring or purchase a “gel” bike seat for additional comfort if you anticipate any discomfort with riding.  Average
    price is around $12.00-$25.00 and are available at Walmart or any sporting goods store or at bike specialty shops.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional concerns or questions.